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Jailbreak your iDevice running iOS 12.3.2, 12.3, 12.2, 12.1.4, 12.1.3, 12.1.2, 12.1.1, 12.1, 12, 11.4, 11.3.1, 11.3, 11.2.5, 11.1, 11.0.2, 11.0.1, 11, 10.3.3, 10.3.2, 10.3.1, 10.2.1, 10.1.1, 10.0.2 & 9.3.5 Easily!

iNstant Jailbreak is one click simple solution for partial jailbreak & Cydia Download for any iPhone iPad or iPod running any iOS version. iNstantJB compatible with iOS 12.3.2, 12.3, 12.2, 12.1.4, 12.1.3, 12.1.2, 12.1.1, 12.1, 12, 11.4, 11.3.1, 11.3, 11.2.5, 11.1, 11.0.2, 11.0.1, 11, 10.3.3, 10.3.2, 10.3.1, 10.2.1, 10.1.1, 10.0.2 & 9.3.5 also previous iOS 9.3.3 - 6.0 versions without having any doubt.


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iNstantJB Features

iNstant Jailbreak is compatible over all Apple idevices running on any iOS versions technically. It's the best options to have partial Cydia download on your device until real untethered jailbreak released. iNstantJB still in the beta version. However, iNstantJB team improving services and features in each day.!

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After successfully jailbreak, it will instantly install Cydia Demo app & iNstantJB app. After that you will able to download Cydia and within few seconds, it will automatically install Cydia on your iDevice. There are many features and benefits for you. iNStantJB allows you to Cydia Download to your iDevice instantly with lots of Cydia tweaks, apps, settings, themes and many more features.

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How to use iNstant Jailbreak

1. Visit www.instantjb.com using Safari browser on your device or scan the QR code above.

2. Wait a moment until iNstant Jailbreak identify your device.

3. Click the "I aggree to continue" button to agree user aggrement and start the jailbreaking process.

4. You have to wait couple of secounds until iNstant Jailbreak jailbreak your device.

5. After successfully jailbreaking, you will prompt to install iNstantJB app with many features and applications including Cydia.

6. You are successfully done iNstant jailbreak and go to the home screen to install Cydia instantly.

About iNstant Jailbreak

iNstant jailbreak is in the beta version and it allows to install Cydia download. But it's not fully untethered jailbreak or mechanism anyway. There are 3 types of jailbreaking mechanisms, they are Untethered, Tethered and Semi/partial-tethered jailbreak. iNstant jailbreak is a semi/partial-untethered jailbreak. You can use iNstant jailbreak for access limited jailbreak features on any iOS when real jailbreak solution is not available. However, we bring you the latest news and updates of the jailbreak community including Cydia instantly.

iNstant Jailbreak is compatible all over Apple devices running any iOS versions technically. It's the best options to have partial Cydia on your device until untethered jailbreak released. We have improved our Cydia app and it includes many benefits and features for jailbreak & Cydia lovers. Use iNstantJB as a "Cydia installer" on your iOS device.

Please contact us via info@instantjb.com for any further clarifications or troubleshoot.

Cydia - Jailbreak Latest Status

Download Cydia iOS 12.3.2 with iNstant Jailbreak

Download Cydia iOS 12.3.2 is the latest cydia version to be released to the public. As an Apple user, you may already know that iOS 12.3.2 is the latest version of iOS version released to the public. As for now, we are unable to provide all the updates of iOS 12.3 all the versions but yet we can surely say this version will have bug fixes and security improvements. So people are now looking for Cydia Download iOS 12.3.2 updates.
iNstant Jailbreak iOS 12.3.2 is one of the famous jailbreaking app available. So with this amazing app, users will have the chance to Jailbreak iOS 12.3.2 version. And then the users can enjoy the best features of Cydia Download iOS 12.3.2 from any iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch device.

Cydia Download iOS 12.2 with iNstant Jailbreak

The next iOS version to be released to the public is iOS 12.2. The Apple Company will update major security content, stability improvement and bug fixes in this iOS version. So right now Cydia fans are looking for updates for Cydia Download iOS 12.2 version because when their devices are updated to the latest iOS version, then the Cydia app also need to update to the same version or else you won’t be able to experience Cydia features on their iPhone / iPad / iPod touches. However, iNstant Jailbreak has released their latest Cydia update to the public which is compatible with iOS 12.2. So you can easily download the latest Cydia iOS 12.2 version on your iDevice by following our installation process. But before that, make sure to update your iOS version first and then visit the official iNstant Jailbreak website with the device Safari browser.

Download Cydia iOS 12.1.4 with iNstant Jailbreak

iOS 12.1.4 is the newly released iOS version by the developers of the Apple Company. This version is also a minor update with security improvements. But this update is recommended by the developers to all the iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch users. We believe that it is very important to make your Apple device more secure so now you can upgrade your device to the latest iOS 12.1.4 version.
Considering about Cydia app, you may know that iNstant Jailbreak is one of the best online Cydia downloader apps available. As the developers of this tool, we are very glad to let you know that we have upgraded our iNstant JB tool to the new iOS 12.1.4 version. Which means now all the iOS users can download and install the latest Cydia download iOS 12.1.4 version by visiting our official website. We recommend you to visit us with the default Safari web browser of your Apple device. Then you can easily download Cydia iOS 12.1.4 application and enjoy all the Cydia features at its best.

Cydia iOS 12.1.2 with iNstant Jailbreak

iOS 12.1.2 officially released to the public on the December 17th 2018. This was a quick update because the Apple was released their previous version few weeks ago. So talking about the latest update, we have to mention you that iOS 12.1.2 is not an update which includes major features. This just a minor update that comes with security improvements and bug fixes. So now you can upgrade your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch to iOS 12.1.1. We are glad to announce that Cydia Free tool has been upgraded to the latest iOS version and now the Cydia Download iOS 12.1.2 is available to download from our website. Visit us from your newly upgraded iOS 12.1.2 device and follow the easy step guide properly to download Cydia iOS 12.1.2 version within few seconds. Enjoy the latest Cydia features on your iDevice.

Cydia Installer iOS 12.1.1 with iNstant Jailbreak

The latest iOS version that is going to be released soon is iOS 12.1.1. Still it is not officially released but several beta versions were released. As to the trusted sources iOS 12.1.1 is might be a minor update which includes security updates and bug fixes. You already know that iNstant Jailbreak tool provides the best online jailbreak tool as well as Cydia app for all the Cydia lovers and we are providing Cydia for all the iOS versions and we are updating our software tool to the latest iOS 12.1.1. Our team is always there, giving you a superior customer support throughout the download Cydia iOS 12.1.1 procedure. And the latest Cydia Installer iOS 12.1.1 will have some amazing new features. Update your iPhone to iOS 12.1.1 and visit us with the device Safari browser and click on “Jailbreak Now” to install Cydia iOS 12.1.1.

Cydia Install iOS 12.1 with iNstant Jailbreak

The latest iOS 12.1 has been released to the public and this is the newest version available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The Apple Company added some new features to this version that will definitely amaze you. More than 70 new emojis, group facetime, much improved security protection and bug fixes are some of them. Our online Cydia tool which is “iNstant Jailbreak” has been updated to the latest iOS 12.1 version. Which means now you can easily perform the jailbreak process on your iOS 12.1 device and then you can get the latest Cydia Install iOS 12.1 application. We have included some amazing features to our online tool so we believe the Cydia app will be better than ever. Visit us from your Safari browser from your updated iOS 12.1 device and run the Cydia iOS 12.1 software.

Download Cydia iOS 12 Steps

The Apple Company has made an announcement of their latest iOS version and it is soon to be released to the market. The latest iOS version would be iOS 12 and what is interesting is Cydia download iOS 12 is going to be a major update because of the features it brings to us. If we explain briefly about that, iOS 12 has changes in performance, FaceTime, Messages, Screen time, Notifications, Photos etc. So with this upcoming news now all the iOS users want to know when Cydia Download iOS 12 will be released. So we have bring great news for all the Cydia fans. iNstant Jailbreak (the best online Cydia installer tool) supports the latest iOS 12 version. Which means you can download Cydia iOS 12 on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch device soon after the release of iOS 12 update.

Cydia iOS 11.4 Latest Status

The Apple company recently (29/05/2018) released their latest iOS update to the public. So now all the iOS users are welcome to update their device version to the latest version. In this update, the Apple Company added several new features to AirPlay 2. Not only that, iOS 11.4 version also has security updates and bug fixes too. So you can enjoy the latest iOS version from now on... Talking about the latest iOS update, all the Cydia fans are now waiting for the arrival of Download Cydia iOS 11.4 version. But as you know that there are no official Cydia version being released for iOS 11.4 until now. So we have updated our tool to make it compatible for iOS 11.4. Which means we are glad to announce that iNstant Jailbreak now supports Cydia Download iOS 11.4 version for all iOS devices for free.

Cydia Download iOS 11.3.1 Latest Status

The Apple Company has released their latest iOs 11.3.1 update to the public. This update is all about security improvements and bug fixes. Due to the earlier iOS 11.3 update, it caused serious bug problems which made the iOS users in trouble. But now the developers have been able to fix the issues and released the latest iOS 11.3.1 update. So we recommend you to upgrade to the latest iOS version to experience a bug free iOS version. So now with all these news, finally we are here to explain the latest Cydia updates for all the Cydia fans out there. Currently there aren’t any official release for Cydia Installer iOS 11.3.1 version because as you know the iOS update has been newly released. So it will take some time for that. But for people who really wants Download Cydia for iOS 11.3.1, they can download the best online Cydia downloader from from iNstant Jailbreak website.

Cydia iOS 11.3 Freely

This is the major upcoming update of the iOS 11 series. Apple has made few changes and upgrades of this update. Battery and performance, iCloud messages, ARKit 1.5, Animoji, Airplay 2, Safari 11.1, Business chat, Health records, Videos in Music & News and HomeKit and AML are some of them. We have download Cydia iOS 11.3 using our iNstantJB tools. You can install themes, tweaks and Cydia apps using iJB Cydia iOS 11.3.

Cydia Installer iOS 11.2.5 Guide

The latest iOS version that is going to be release soon to the public is iOS 11.2.5. According to the rumors, the latest iOS 11.2.5 is going to be a good update with a couple of new features that will make your iDevice even more interesting. And right now we are only capable of let you know that iOS 11.2.5 has some updates of the music app, security upgrade and bug fixes. So as we are now reaching to the latest iOS version, all the Cydia fans are now looking for information about Cydia iOS 11.2.5 version. We are so happy to announce you that currently iNstant Jailbreak (iJB) tool is on its mission to develop the best online Cydia app, that will provide you Cydia Install iOS 11.2.5 version. Which means you will be able to get the upcoming Cydia Download iOS 11.2.5 version on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch devices.

Latest updates of Cydia Jailbreak iOS 11.2

The most recent update of iOS is iOS 11.2 and it was released newly to the public. This update is not quite big. But the Apple Company has added an interesting feature which is regards to the Apple Pay option. So with this new update, every single Cydia fan is looking for Cydia Jailbreak iOS 11.2 version now. You may know that the official Cydia version has not been released yet to the market. But we know the importance of this app. And that’s why we have tested our tool which is iNstant Jailbreak on the latest iOS 11.2 version and we are happy to let you know that the tools is working very well. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download iNstant Jailbreak tool and start installing Cydia app for iOS 11.2 version.

Latest updates of Cydia Free iOS 11.1

The Apple Inc. has released their latest iOS 11.1 update to the public on the 31st of October. This one of the most awaited updates for iOS. And talking about what’s new in this version, the main feature is new emojis. There are over 70 new emojis are available and in iOS 11.1 and they have also fixed bug issues too. So now every single Cydia fan is looking out for any update of Cydia. The official Cydia Free app is not available for download but we are so happy to announce you that iNstant Jailbreak is ready to provide you Cydia Download iOS 11.1 version because we have tested Cydia on our tool.

Latest updates of Cydia Install iOS 11.0.2

The Apple Company has released a sudden update over iOS 11 version and it is iOS 11.0.2. Soon after the release of iOS 11 the developers were continuously released updates. iOS 11.0.2 version is about fixing the problem that had in photos/ disturbing sounds on iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus and also bug fixes. So now you can update your iOS version to experience more benefits. And if you are looking for the latest Cydia Download iOS 11.0.2 application, we are ready to provide it. We have tested the latest update on our Cydia tool and it is now ready to provide its service for you. So Download Cydia iOS 11.0.2 on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch device with iNstant Jailbreak.

Latest updates of Cydia Install iOS 11.0.1

Soon after the major iOS 11 update, the Apple Company has recently released an update for iOS 11 series. And that is iOS 11.0.1. This is not an update that has any new feature. iOS 11.0.1 is all about bug fixes and security updates only. So you can now install the latest update to have a more secure iOS version on your iDevice. We are currently working on our iNstantJB website to make Cydia install iOS 11.0.1 app to be compatible with the newly released iOS update. And sooner you will be able to Download Cydia iOS 11.0.1 version on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch with iJB.

Cydia Download iOS 11 Updated Version

The Apple Company has released their latest and the most awaited iOS 11 official update to the public few weeks back. And the Apple has introduced many new features such as camera improvements/ new wallpapers/ iPad dock/ bug fixes and etc. to the iOS users with this update which makes the iDevices more advanced. So as we provide Cydia apps to your devices, we have tried the Cydia app for iOS 11 version on our website. And now it is possible to get the latest Cydia Download iOS 11 app on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch devices through iNstant Jailbreak.

Cydia iOS 10.3.3 Guidance [Updated]

Apple released a couple of beta versions for iOS 10.3.3. They released official iOS 10.3.3 version on 19th July to the public. iOS 10.3.3 is a bug fixes, security patches and added new wallpapers to the iPad devices. At this moment iOS 10.3.3 available for registered developers. We are testing latest iOS 10.3.3 beta versions on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices to upgrade our services. Still, we are developing our apps to the iOS 10.3.3 after that, you can Cydia download iOS 10.3.3 with iJB. As we mentioned, you can download Cydia on iOS 10.3.3 devices using iJB process.

Cydia Installer iOS 10.3.2 Guidance

Apple released iOS 10.3.2 version for iPhone 5 or later devices, iPad 4 or later devices and 6th generation iPod touch or later devices. Apple says this is a bug fixes and security improvement version as previous iOS 10 versions. There is a battery problem in iOS 10.3.2 devices. Pangu team demonstrated iOS 10.3.1 jailbreaking. However, we can expect iOS 10.3.1 untethered jailbreak tool soon. We can surely say, Apple has patched jailbreak exploits on iOS 10.3.2 version to avoid releasing Cydia Installer iOS 10.3.2 tool. Our team successfully upgraded our partial therered tools to iOS 10.3.2 version to jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 devices and download Cydia iOS 10.3.2 easily. If you are new to jailbreaking there is no complex process to Cydia installer iOS 10.3.2. Just visit us on your iOS 10.3.2 device Safari browser.

Cydia Free Download iOS 10.3.1 with iNstantJB

iOS 10.3.1 released by Apple updating security contents and bug fixes. They always updating security contents to patch untethered jailbreak to stop Cydia free download ios 10.3.1 version. We always upgrade our applicatons to the latest iOS version including latest iOS 10.3.1 to get Cydia iOS 10.3.1 on your device. We recommand you to visit us with your iOS device default safari browser to Cydia installer iOS 10.3.1 easily.

Cydia Jailbreak Download iOS 10.3 with iNstantJB

We are successfully upgraded iNstant jailbreak iOS 10.3 tool for the latest pre-release version of iOS 10.3. You will be able to Cydia jailbreak download iOS 10.3 version using iNstantJB as your Cydia installer. Apple has added many features to the iOS 10.3 version. We can surely say, iOS 10.3 version will take you to a bug fixes and untethered JB patched version. Fortunately, you can download Cydia for iOS 10.3 without having any doubt. We will bring you the latest and genuine untethered iOS 10.3 jailbreak guidance of other friendly jailbreaking teams in the iOS community to Cydia 10.3 download full functionally.

Cydia App iOS 10.2.1 with iNstant Jailbreak

iOS 10.2.1 has released to the Public. This is the latest iOS version in the iOS community. Apple has updated security contents and bug fixes in the iOS 10.2.1 version. At this moment, everyone looking for Cydia app download iOS 10.2.1 devices. There is no untethered jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 tool in the community. Fortunately, iNstantJB tools and techniques supports to Cydia installer iOS 10.2.1 version. We have successfully upgraded our features and added new things on Cydia iOS 10.2.1 version. Only you have to visit us on your iOS 10.2.1 device safari browser to Cydia app download iOS 10.2.1 easily. We have recently updated Cydia download 10.3 from the above section.

Cydia App iOS 10.2 with iNstant Jailbreak

Apple introduces iOS 10.2 to the public recently. They have included new features, redesigned emoji and added 100 new emoji. Also they have bug fixes and stability improvements. We have upgraded our applications to the iOS 10.2 version. You can Cydia App iOS 10.2 devices using iNstant jailbreak 10.2. We have added various new features to our applications. Also you will be able to download Cydia iOS 10.2 on your iDevices. You must visit us using your iOS 10.2 device safari browser to run Cydia installer iOS 10.2 tools.

Cydia iJB Download for iOS 10.1.1 with iNstant Jailbreak

Apple released iOS 10.1.1 version on 31st Monday to the puclic. It's not a major version of iOS 10 series. It's a minor update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with bug fixes. You can upgrade your device to iOS 10.1.1, goto Settings > General > Software Update. We have upgraded our Cydia iJB download iOS 10.1.1 tools instantly. Please note* You can get Cydia iOS 10.1.1 and all the benefits for the iOS 10.1.1 version. To Cydia installer iOS 10.1.1 version, you must visit us from your iOS 10.1.1 device and tap on "Jailbreak Now" button at the top of the page.

Cydia Download for iOS 10.1 with iNstant Jailbreak

Apple has released iOS 10.1 for the public recently. Now, you can jailbreak and Cydia download iOS 10.1on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using iNStantJB. iNstant jailbreak team has been released iOS 10.1 jailbreaking and Cydia iOS 10.1. Just visit us using your Safari browser on your iDevice and then tap on "Jailbreak Now" button. It will take few minutes to procees the jailbreaking process. After successfully jailbroken you can easily Cydia Download 10.1 version.

Cydia for iOS 10.0.2 with iNstant Jailbreak

Now, you can jailbreak & Cydia iOS 10.0.2 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod instantly. iNstant Jailbreak has already jailbroken iOS 10.0.2 idevices. Once you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod you can get iNstantJB applications and premium services without having any doubt. Even you do not want to use a computer. Just tap on "Jailbreak Now" button and follow the steps to download Cydia iOS 10.0.2 easily. Also you will able to jailbreak and install Cydia 10.0.2 previously releaded iOS versions.

Cydia APP Download for iOS 10.0.1 with iNstant Jailbreak

As promised, iOS 10.0.1 has been released by Apple on 13th September. We can say, iOS 10.0.1 will take you to a whole new different level of iOS experience that you ever had. There are lot of changes and new features in this latest iOS 10.0.1 version. We have successfully upgraded our Cydia Free download iOS 10.0.1 tools. Now, you can jailbreak iOS 10.0.1 to download Cydia iOS 10.0.1 on your iOS devices. Cydia Installer 10.0.1 tool compatible with iPhone 5 and higher models including Cydia download for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Download Cydia for iOS 9.3.5 with iNstant Jailbreak

Download Cydia iOS 9.3.5 is available with iNstantJB Cydia iOS 9.3.5 installer tools. iOS 9.3.5 is the latest version of iOS 9 series. Suddenly, Apple released iOS 9.3.5 version updating major security contents. Everyone thought iOS 9.3.4 was the finale version of iOS 9 series. This means, Apple do not allow to release any jailbreak tool for their latest iOS versions including iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak and iOS 10 jailbreak. However, you can download Cydia 9.3.5 version with our step by step guidance with premium customer support. We recommand you to visit us from your safari browser to Cydia installer 9.3.5 tools for free. Cydia for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus compatible with our tools.

Cydia Download for iOS 9.3.4 with iNstant Jailbreak

Cydia iOS 9.3.4 is available with iNstantJB. We can surely say, this is the final version of iOS 9 versions. Everyone thought iOS 9.3.3 was the final version. After releasing iOS 9.3.3 untethered jailbreak, Apple released iOS 9.3.4 version patching untethered jailbreak by updating security contents. Fortunately, you can Cydia download iOS 9.3.4 version iPhone, iPod or iPad devices using iNstantJB. Our team gives you premium customer support, step by step genuine guidance and many more things to get Cydia iOS 9.3.4 on your devices. There are many Cydia 9.3.4 themes, tweaks and apps with our iOS applications. Further information, please visit us using your iOS device and tap on "Jailbreak Now" button to Cydia download 9.3.4.

Cydia for iOS 9.3.3 with iNstant Jailbreak

Cydia iOS 9.3.3 is available with iNstantJB. iOS 9.3.3 version released by Apple on 18th July. iOS 9.3.3 is a minor release of iOS 9.3 version because Apple has fixed bugs and improved security contents of this version. You can Cydia iOS 9.3.3 version using our Cydia installer iOS 9.3.3 tool on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. Specially, you will get our premium and VIP benefits with Cydia iOS 9.3.3 version. As the first step, jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 with iNStantJB then start the process of Cydia 9.3.3