Upcoming iOS 11 and Its Features

About iOS 11 and its features

iOS 11 update was just released to the market and with that, we are now waiting for the next major iOS update. And now it is going to start the series of iOS 11 with their next step. So iOS users have a major expectation from this iOS series. And which is why we are going to reveal the latest information about iOS 11 and its features to all the iOS fans out there. It might be a significant iOS version and it is going to make good make changes in the iOS world which is good for the future. And when we talking about the latest iOS 11 update, it is very important to mention all the new features that have been added by the Apple Company.

ios 11 features

Cydia Download iOS 11 with iNstantJB

Cydia Download iOS 11


If you are an iOS users as in iPhone user, then you must be aware of the process that you should follow to update the iOS version. But we will explain you it in a proper way. There are two basic methods available. And we are going to describe them one by one for you.


  • You must have iTunes for this process so as the first step please update iTunes to the latest version
  • Take a proper USB cable and plug the iPhone to the computer
  • Now open up the iTunes application on your device
  • Now click on the check for updates option
  • Give the passcode of your device
  • Let the device download and install iOS 11 version on your device
  • Once the installation is done, your iPhone will reboot


  • Make a backup of your iPhone via iCloud
  • Follow Settings > General > Software update
  • Wait for few minutes and the device will search for iOS 11 update
  • Click on the “Download and Install” button
  • Give the passcode of your iPhone to proceed
  • Click on “Agree” option which appears in the terms and conditions tab
  • Finally your device will start updating the latest iOS 11 version and after completing the process your iPhone will reboot


  • Newly added doc icon
  • Apple Pay can be used on the message app
  • Drop box services been extended
  • Improvement of live photos
  • You can do multi-tasking better than before
  • Newly designed drag and drop facility and with that you can drag and drop any file, image, text etc. to anywhere you want
  • One hand keyboard is here for your convenience
  • Control center has been changed
  • Lock screen has been improved, which allows the notifications to appear on the lock screen that you have missed
  • Improvements of Maps
  • You can now take control of your home audio system and speakers with your iDevice
  • The camera has been updated better than before

Top 5 iOS 11 Features

So basically these are the most important things that we have to talk about the latest and the upcoming iOS 11 version. Once the official iOS 11 version released to the market, you can enjoy all these amazing new features on your iDevice. We will make sure to update you in future so stay updated.

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